Understanding Corridors

Complex ecosystems have a direct impact on our daily lives. Tropical forests play an important role in stabilizing world climates by sequestering significant amounts of carbon dioxide, influencing cloud formation and recycling water vapor. The overall functionality of these ecosystems may be driven by biodiversity. Tropical forests are climax communities and have many interdependent processes that require the services of many species. It is still a debate if biodiversity creates ecosystem stability or if ecosystem stability creates biodiversity. Rainforests and other unique forests also contain undiscovered compounds that could be useful for medicine. Also many products and food originated from tropical forests. Corridors may be an answer to alleviate the biodiversity loss that results from fragmentation, and could also influence ecosystem stability. Corridors are still not well understood. It is very important that quantifiable data be made available on the construction and implications of corridors. Funding for these projects are made possible by your support. United Corridors thanks you for your support. You are helping to innovate a solution.