The United Corridors A.C. Initiative

United Corridors A.C. is a non-profit whose mission is to conserve ecosystems, biodiversity, and empower indigenous communities through scientifically-sound, participatory projects that focus on species that benefit from conservation corridors

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Loro Parque Fundación is funding the Community Monitoring of the Military Macaw Project in Mexico with our collaborating partners. 


International Perspectives

Previous experiences in Bolivia, Costa Rica, Argentina, Peru, Mexico and Hawaii have provided insight about the problems of fragmentation and its impact on wildlife.   

Why Support Our Organization?

United Corridors AC is on a mission to connect and enhance habitats through biological corridors to prevent species extinctions. United Corridors AC uses interactive, participatory projects with communities to achieve education, reforestation, and vigilance to conserve and protect species and habitats. One of our approaches is to conserve the Green Macaw through a network of communities in a citizen science project to monitor and protect those macaws that are endangered in Mexico. The vision of United Corridors AC, in collaboration with other NGOs is to use the Green Macaw as a flagship species to inspire other monitoring, surveillance, and education projects to restore habitat and reconnect nature's wildlands, restoring ecosystems in the Americas. For more information on the macaw project you can visit our Facebook page @MonitoreoComunitariodelaGuacamayaVerde. 

Your support can help connect the and conserve our wildspaces before it's too late. Contact us to find out how you can help!